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The Scrypto Standard Library

The Scrypto Standard Library is the foundation of Scrypto blueprints, a set of minimal and shared abstractions on top of Radix Engine. It enables asset-oriented programming for feature-rich DeFi dApps.

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pub extern crate radix_engine_derive;
pub extern crate radix_engine_interface;
pub extern crate scrypto_abi;


Scrypto blueprint ABI.
Scrypto buffer for wasm-engine data exchange.
Scrypto component abstraction.
Scrypto data model.
Scrypto RE abstraction.
macros 🔒
Scrypto math library.
Scrypto RE node model.
Scrypto preludes.
Scrypto resource abstraction.
Scrypto runtime abstraction.


Declares a blueprint.
This macro converts a ComponentAddress into a &Component via the Radix Engine component subsystem.
This macro creates a &Package from a PackageAddress via the Radix Engine component subsystem.
This macro creates a &ResourceManager from a ResourceAddress via the Radix Engine resource subsystem.
Logs a DEBUG message.
Logs an ERROR message.
Generates a bridge/stub to make package calls to a blueprint.
Generates a bridge/stub to make cross-component calls.
Imports a blueprint from its ABI.
Includes the ABI file of a Scrypto package.
Includes the WASM file of a Scrypto package.
Logs an INFO message.
Logs a TRACE message.
Logs a WARN message.


Sets up panic hook.

Attribute Macros

Attribute that derives code to encode, decode and/or describe the struct or enum, using Scrypto data and schema model.

Derive Macros

Derive code that describes this data structure.
Derive code that describe a non-fungible data structure.