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Scrypto resource library.


pub use resource_manager::Mutability::*;
pub use resource_manager::ResourceMethodAuthKey::*;


Method authorization rules for a component

Represents a transient resource container.

Represents the auth zone, which is used by system for checking if this component is allowed to

Represents a non-fungible unit.

Identifier for a non-fungible unit.

Represents a key for a non-fungible resource

Represents a proof of owning some resource.

Utility for setting up a new resource.

Represents a resource manager.

Represents the Radix Engine resource subsystem.

Describes a value located in some sbor given a schema for that sbor

Represents a proof of owning some resource that has had its resource address validated.

Represents a persistent resource container on ledger state.


Represents the minting config

Represents an error when decoding bucket.

Represents an error when parsing non-fungible address.

Represents an error when decoding non-fungible id.

Represents an error when decoding proof.

Represents an error when decoding vault.

Resource Proof Rules

Represents an error when validating proof.

Specifies the validation mode that should be used for validating a Proof.

Represents a resource address.

Represents the type of a resource.


The maximum divisibility supported.

Not divisible.


Represents the data structure of a non-fungible.


Initializes resource subsystem.

Returns the resource subsystem.