Module scrypto::types

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  • AsStaticRefDeprecated
    A cheap reference-to-reference conversion. Used to convert a value to a reference value with 'static lifetime within generic code.
  • A trait for capturing the number of variants in Enum. This trait can be autoderived by strum_macros.
  • Associates additional pieces of information with an Enum. This can be autoimplemented by deriving EnumMessage and annotating your variants with #[strum(message="...")].
  • EnumProperty is a trait that makes it possible to store additional information with enum variants. This trait is designed to be used with the macro of the same name in the strum_macros crate. Currently, the only string literals are supported in attributes, the other methods will be implemented as additional attribute types become stabilized.
  • This trait designates that an Enum can be iterated over. It can be auto generated using strum_macros on your behalf.
  • Represents the data structure of a non-fungible.
  • A trait for retrieving the names of each variant in Enum. This trait can be autoderived by strum_macros.


Type Definitions

  • An index of a specific validator within the current validator set. To be exact: a ValidatorIndex equal to k references the k-th element returned by the iterator of the IndexMap<ComponentAddress, Validator> in this epoch’s active validator set (which is expected to be sorted by stake, descending). This uniquely identifies the validator, while being shorter than ComponentAddress (we do care about the constant factor of the space taken by LeaderProposalHistory under prolonged liveness break scenarios).

Derive Macros

  • Converts enum variants to &'static str.
  • Converts enum variants to strings.
  • Add a constant usize equal to the number of variants.
  • Generate a new type with only the discriminant names.
  • Creates a new type that iterates of the variants of an enum.
  • Add a verbose message to an enum variant.
  • Add custom properties to enum variants.
  • Converts strings to enum variants based on their name.
  • Implements Strum::VariantNames which adds an associated constant VARIANTS which is an array of discriminant names.
  • Add a function to enum that allows accessing variants by its discriminant
  • Implements From<MyEnum> for &'static str on an enum.
  • implements std::string::ToString on en enum