Module scrypto::model

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Scrypto RE node model.


Method authorization rules for a component
Bytes, of length between 1 and 64.
Unsigned integers, up to u64.
Represents the global id of a non-fungible.
Royalty rules
A struct with the set of rule associated with each role - used when creating a new access controller for the initial rules and also used during recovery for proposing a rule set.
Scrypto function/method invocation.
A string matching [_0-9a-zA-Z]{1,64}.
UUID, v4, variant 1, big endian. See


An instance of a blueprint, which lives in the ledger state.
Represents the level of a log message.
Represents type of non-fungible id
Represents the local id of a non-fungible.
A collection of blueprints, compiled and published as a single unit.
Represents an error when parsing non-fungible address.
Represents an error when decoding non-fungible id.
Resource Proof Rules
Represents an error when validating proof.
Specifies the validation mode that should be used for validating a Proof.
The set of roles allowed to propose recoveries. Only Primary and Recovery roles can initiate, or propose recoveries, Confirmation can’t initiate nor propose.
Represents a resource address.
Represents the type of a resource.
An enum of the roles in the Access Controller component



Marks the rust type that represents a non-fungible id, of non-auto-generated kind (i.e. String, Integer and Bytes).
Marks the rust type that represents a non-fungible id, of any kind (i.e. String, Integer, Bytes and UUID).
Represents the data structure of a non-fungible.