pub type TransactionReceipt = TransactionReceiptV1;

Aliased Type§

struct TransactionReceipt {
    pub costing_parameters: CostingParameters,
    pub transaction_costing_parameters: TransactionCostingParameters,
    pub fee_summary: TransactionFeeSummary,
    pub fee_details: Option<TransactionFeeDetails>,
    pub result: TransactionResult,
    pub resources_usage: Option<ResourcesUsage>,


§costing_parameters: CostingParameters

Costing parameters

§transaction_costing_parameters: TransactionCostingParameters

Transaction costing parameters

§fee_summary: TransactionFeeSummary

Transaction fee summary

§fee_details: Option<TransactionFeeDetails>

Transaction fee detail Available if ExecutionConfig::enable_cost_breakdown is enabled

§result: TransactionResult

Transaction result

§resources_usage: Option<ResourcesUsage>

Hardware resources usage report Available if resources_usage feature flag is enabled


Trait Implementations§


impl<'a> ContextualDisplay<TransactionReceiptDisplayContext<'a>> for TransactionReceipt


type Error = Error


fn contextual_format<F: Write>( &self, f: &mut F, context: &TransactionReceiptDisplayContext<'a> ) -> Result<(), Self::Error>

Formats the value to the given fmt::Write buffer, making use of the provided context. See also format, which is typically easier to use, as it takes an Into<Context> instead of a &Context.

fn format<F, TContext>( &self, f: &mut F, context: TContext ) -> Result<(), Self::Error>
where F: Write, TContext: Into<Context>,

Formats the value to the given fmt::Write buffer, making use of the provided context. See also contextual_format, which takes a &Context instead of an Into<Context>. Read more

fn display<TContext, 'a, 'b>( &'a self, context: TContext ) -> ContextDisplayable<'a, Self, Context>
where TContext: Into<Context>,

Returns an object implementing fmt::Display, which can be used in a format! style macro. Read more

fn to_string<TContext, 'a, 'b>(&'a self, context: TContext) -> String
where TContext: Into<Context>,


impl Debug for TransactionReceipt


fn fmt(&self, f: &mut Formatter<'_>) -> Result

Formats the value using the given formatter. Read more

impl From<FlashReceipt> for TransactionReceipt


fn from(value: FlashReceipt) -> Self

Converts to this type from the input type.