pub trait SortedIndexKeyPayload: Sized + AsRef<Self::Content> + AsMut<Self::Content> {
    type Content;
    type FullContent: SortedIndexKeyFullContent<Self>;

    // Required methods
    fn from_sort_key_and_content(sort_key: u16, content: Self::Content) -> Self;
    fn into_sort_key_and_content(self) -> (u16, Self::Content);
    fn as_sort_key_and_content(&self) -> (u16, &Self::Content);

    // Provided methods
    fn into_full_content(self) -> Self::FullContent { ... }
    fn from_content_source<T: SortedIndexKeyContentSource<Self>>(
        content: T
    ) -> Self { ... }
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This trait is intended to be implemented by an explicit new type for the given { sort_index: u16, content: T } key for a particular sorted index collection.

Required Associated Types§

Required Methods§


fn from_sort_key_and_content(sort_key: u16, content: Self::Content) -> Self


fn into_sort_key_and_content(self) -> (u16, Self::Content)


fn as_sort_key_and_content(&self) -> (u16, &Self::Content)

Provided Methods§

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.