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radixdlt-js library

A JavaScript client library for interacting with a Radix Distributed Ledger.

This library and the network itself are currently in Alpha development phase. Please report any issues in the GitHub issue tracker.


For an overview of the main components of the library and how they fit together, read this blog post.

Table of contents


  • Full Typescript support
  • Follow the reactive programming pattern using RxJS
  • Cryptography using the elliptic library
  • Automatically manage connection to the Radix Universe in a sharded environment
  • Communication with the Radix network usign RPC over websockets
  • Read Atoms in any address
  • Write Atoms to the ledger
  • End-to-end data encryption using ECIES


To install the library in your own project using yarn package manager:

yarn add radixdlt

Example applications

Code examples

You can find detailed documentation as well as a number of code examples covering main functions of the library in our Knowledge Base



To build the library using your preferred package manager:

yarn install && yarn build


Run tests with yarn test.

Known issues

Angular 6+

Error: Can't resolve 'crypto'

On Angular 6+ versions, the node module polyfills from webpack are not bundled. To fix your issue with crypto, path, etc. use the fix described in this answer [https://github.com/angular/angular-cli/issues/1548#issuecomment-427653778]

Link Description
radixdlt.com Radix DLT Homepage
documentation Radix Knowledge Base
forum Radix Technical Forum
@radixdlt Follow Radix DLT on Twitter


The radixdlt-js library is released under the MIT License.

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